Ocak 07, 2009

Bir Tat Bir Oku!

The Difference Between Building a Business and Building a Brand
by Al Ries, Adage, 5 January 2009

Are you building a business? Or are you building a brand? Silly questions, you might be thinking. Naturally, you are trying to do both.

But that might be a mistake.

What's good for the business is not necessarily good for the brand. And vice versa.


The shape of things to come
by Clay Shirky, The Guardian, 5 January 2009

No one, of course, can know what a future media landscape will look like. But, given that Shirky was among the few to have forecast 15 years ago that classified advertising would be sold online rather than via a newspaper ad, his crystal ball is more estimable than most others. This is his forecast:

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