Ekim 13, 2009

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Basit adam, karmaşık adamdan daha korku vericidir.


Bir Tat Bir Oku!

* Chaotic Social Networks

From Susan Boyle to the Iranian election, online Social Media has had an enormous effect on society. Web driven Social Networks can make Gods out of mortals; influence world leaders and slay mighty brands with startling speed.

Moreover, this all seems to happen unpredictably, almost violently as if an entire placid lake immediately erupts into an enormous geyser, irregularly but repeatedly.

What makes Social Media so different from anything we’ve seen before? The answer is Chaos.

** Losing To The Social Web: Visualized

There are 2 key reasons why website traffic is declining.

1. Social Networks (obviously) are growing and most people prefer to hang out there instead of searching the big brands websites for content to interact with. Your friends on Facebook and Twitter share what you’re already interested in. Everything is relevant and you don’t have to leave to get the best content from 10 of your favourite brands/websites.

2. Off-Site Content Distribution is rapidly growing, I’m talking RSS Feeds, Twitter, YouTube Channels, Facebook Fan pages and so on… All the best brands and websites now actively push their content (the same stuff you use to get from their website and still want to access) to as many various “off-site” sources and platforms as possible.So naturally this removes unique visitors from their main sites, channeling them into a maze of various networks, feeds and tweets... Oh, and of course, widgets/apps – we’ve only just seen the start of these.

Sosyal Medya Planlaması

Ekim 06, 2009

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Anı yazmak, ölümün elinden bir şey kurtarmaktır.

Andre Gide

Bir Tat Bir Oku!

* Only 16% of the Web Is Clicking Display Ads

The number of people online who click display ads has dropped 50% in less than two years, and only 8% of internet users account for 85% of all clicks, according to the most recent "Natural Born Clickers" study from ComScore and media agency Starcom. As the pool of people who click on banner ads rapidly decreases, it begs the question: Is the long-used click-through rate now officially useless?

* Seriously, why bother using social networks?

Read what our resident social media guru made of the sessions at the ad:tech London conference last week. Do brands really need to be present across all platforms, for example?

* In-Stream Standardization: Creative And Media Agencies Win, Too

In-stream standardization is in progress now, and the sooner standards are finalized and adopted, the better. All players in the interactive digital advertising ecosystem will get what they want; publishers monetize their site content, creatives get to truly leverage the interactive power capable online, media agencies maximize their budgets and advertisers enjoy improved ROI. In addition, marketers will enjoy the same branding opportunities they get with TV-online video conveys messages viewers can not only see and hear, but interact with and be entertained by. In the end, everyone wins because advertisers gain reach, branding AND measurement, a combination they can't get with TV.

Kimliksiz Ölüler

Yanında dağılmış kağıtlar
Ve tütün tabakası var

Bir bez parçasıyla
Ağzını tıkamışlar

Cesetini sırt üstü
Boyunca uzatmışlar

Bir deniz kabuğunda
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Boş bir mermi kovanı
Sizce nasıl uğuldar

Metin Altıok

Context, Value & The New Marketing Economy

Ekim 04, 2009

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Propaganda öyle bir sanattır ki, insan başkasının ayağına basarken kendisi “ah” der.

Bob Hope

Basının Geleceği Ne Olacak?

Bir Tat Bir Oku!

* İnternetin faydaları, zararları / İsmet Berkan

** İnternet reklamcılığı (şimdilik) kolay meslek / Eren Kumcuoğlu

*** Ajans – reklamveren ilişkisinde “crowdsourcing açılımı” / Melih Cılga

Dijital Pazarlamada Hedef 12'den Nasıl Vurulur?

1. Merak Etme / Wondering
2. Hayal Etme / Dreaming
3. Üretme / Producing
4. Planlama / Planning
5. Geliştirme / Developing
6. Hayata Geçirme / Acting
7. Reklam Yapma / Advertising
8. Etkileme / Affecting
9. Yayma / Seeding
10. Takip Etme / Tracking
11. Raporlama / Reporting
12. Sunma / Presenting
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