Eylül 12, 2009

Data Visualization and Infographics Resources

Data Visualization Sites & Flickr Pools for Infographics

1.Strange Maps

2. Wall Stats

3. Visual Complexity

4. Cool Infographics

5. Data Mining

6. Edward Tufte

7. Infographics News

8. Information Aesthetics

9. Chart Porn

10. Behance Network

11. Good Magazine

12. Matthew Ericson

13. Nixlog Infographics

14. Virtual Water

15. History Shots

16. Flowing Data

17. Many Eyes

18. Nicolasrapp

19. DataViz

20. iGraphics Explained

21. Simple Complexity

22. Well-formed Data

23. Information is Beautiful

24. Infografia | Infographics

25. Visual Information

26. The Info Graphics Pool

Thanks for all the resources!

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